Nalgene bottle

I just woke up (it’s 12:30 pm) to see the sun not shining behind the curtained  windows of my bedroom.

“Is it raining out?” I wondered.

Instead of getting up and moving the curtains aside to take a gander out my window, I reach for my cell phone to check the weather and witnessed first hand my suspicions being correct.  My Iphone weather app tells me it’s raining outside, so it must be true.  Weather app never lie’s.

What should I do on this rainy day?  I know!  I’ll write about my escapades with water bottle’s!

Last week I went to the mall with Holly to buy a water bottle.

Holly – “You can buy a water bottle at Starbucks.  They sell them there.”

She was talking about bottles of water, not water bottles.  I wanted to buy a water bottle after watching the movie Tapped.  Buying bottled water defeats my purpose.

Me – “No, I want an algene bottle – not a bottle of water.”

Holly – “Oh, okay.”

An hour goes by and she says’;

Holly – “You can get your bottle of water from those vending machines over there.”

Me – “No Holly, not bottled water.  Algene bottle!”

Holly – “Oh yeah, what am I thinking?”

Anyway, we end up leaving the mall completely forgetting to buy a water bottle.

Before we left, we ate dinner at CPK and taken pictures of ourselves on my phone.

I wanted to get a picture of my cleavage

This was our waitress

On our way out of the parking lot;

Me – “Shit I forgot to get a water bottle.”

Holly – “Oops.”

Me – “You know I used to think algene bottle’s were called algae bottle’s.”

Holly – “They’re Nalgene, not algene.”

Me – “Nalgene with an N?  All this time I was calling them algene.”

Long story short (too late?) I bought a pretty purple Nalgene bottle a couple days ago.  Or was it yesterday?

I need to drink two of these each day to keep down my bloat.

And now for your moment of zen.

A Civil war pic.



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5 responses to “Nalgene bottle

  1. I love Holly!!! Ha Ha! I’m glad you got your water bottle!

  2. Holly

    That whole water bottle conversation was really funny! Why do I do stuff like that?? lol

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