Yummy eggs

I didn’t eat my two eggs over easy for breakfast yesterday.  I left them on my desk in my bedroom for 8 or 9 hours.  When I got home around 10 pm, I walked in my bedroom and spotted them sitting dryly on their plate.  The cheese formed an enticing crust over them like crème brule, the splashes of hot sauce permeated through the top layer leaving the bottom layer exposed to the zest of spicy goodness.  The fork on the side of the plate beckoned my name.  “Meeeeelaaaanieeeeee.” 

And that is how I came about eating my breakfast yesterday.  Starved and dehydrated after massaging for 6 hours.  You would have ate them too.

I woke up crabby again today.  I just don’t want to work anymore.  Period.  I have to finish out this week and then hopefully my hours get changed.

The thing is, I’m a nomad.  A very wise American Indian once said:

“I have heard you intend to settle us on a reservation near the mountains.  I don’t want to settle.  I love to roam over the prairies.  There I feel free and happy, but when we settle down, we grow pale and die.”

-Santana, Kiowa Chief

I’ve been pale since birth is all I can say.  At least I got some color in Korea even if it was from eating spicy kimchi.

I’m a nomad who’s been stuck living in the same house for 31 years.  How would you feel if your true nature was asphyxiated?   Your legs restrained from movement, your backyard closing in.  Forced to eat chemically processed fruits and vegetables just to sustain some semblance of health.  Everything is a deck of cards.  I’m going to be blown away and most likely enjoy it when it happens.

My body feels stifled and needs fresh air, but I can’t hike cause I have to work, and when I don’t work, I drink.

I have to leave for work in a half hour. 

I’m sipping on some really delicious tea called Bija, Deep cleanse herbal tea blend.  It’s an old Tibetan combination of herbs and spices meant to purify your body in order to revitalize it.  It’s a lot pricier than Lipton.  I got it at the health food store.  I’m a tea snob.

Okay, so I have to work today (Thursday) then Friday and then Saturday morning.  I’ve been going non-stop (aside from blogging) without much R & R.  On Friday after work, I have to go to my friends birthday party, then wake up early on Saturday at 6 am for work, after work I’m going out to dinner with a bunch of co-workers who may want to go out after.  Sunday I have a thing to go to, but may not include alcohol.  I have to massage a dude on Monday, then possibly hang out with Holly afterwards.  Then Tuesday is Happy Tuesday and the whole cycle repeats itself.

When can I read a book?  When can I learn a new language?

This is why I can’t wait for the new schedule change.

Today will be tough.  I agreed to take on 7 clients instead of my normal, toilsome six.

I’ll see you when I get home at 11, unless I get a break, then I’ll see you sooner.  I ate my eggs today, so I’ll have to settle for cold pizza for dinner tonight.



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2 responses to “Yummy eggs

  1. Dude!!!! Why would eat those eggs!!! Aren’t you sick???

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