I just got home from happy Tuesday.  I have to write down this conversation before I forget it.

John – I’ve been sober for a month and a half now.  No more pain killer’s.

Me – That’s great!  I’m proud of you.  You’re going to like the new you.

John – I like myself better when I’m on pain killers actually, I’m more outgoing.

Me – You have to acclimate, you’ll be fine.

John – What do you think about this?

He points to his septum ring.

Me – I like it, I think it fit’s you.  You can always flip it up if you need to be professional.

He flip’s it up his nostrils.

Me – I thought you always had that pierced?

John – I did, I just taken it out for a while.  Girls don’t find it attractive.

Me – Aren’t you dating someone?

John – No, Brandy broke up with me cause I’m clean now.

Me – That’s good.  She would only pull you down to her level anyway.

John – I have a headache.

Me – You should drink some water.

John – I’ve been drinking water all day.

Me – Do you have tension in your neck or jaw?

John – Yeah, a little in my jaw.

I nod my head.

John – It’s probably from the coke I did at work today.

Me – Uhhh……

I thought he meant coke as in the soda.  How would soda give you a headache?

Me – Huh…..

This is pretty much the exact conversation as I remember it.  It’s just as mind numbing reading it as it was hearing it.

John – Ha ha, I quit pain killers, but I guess coke isn’t much better.  My jaw is twitchy.

Me – Yeah, that’s probably it then…..


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