Just a regular day

Daejeon Skyline

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It’s February 10, 2011.  In T minus 8 days, I’ll be on a plane to South Korea with the wind in my hair and no ground at my feet.  It will be the first time I’ll feel like I’m really living on a round planet, and the first time I will experience time travel by going forward an entire day.

I told my parents that I’m going to Japan, not South Korea.  I felt guilty at first, but now I feel that it’s the only way they would let me go without suffering from major strokes or heart attacks.

I just made myself some breakfast upstairs.  My dad was standing in the kitchen, drinking his coffee and looking out the window yelling at the squirrels that were desecrating his bird feeder. 

Me – Do we have an apple corer?  The kind that slices the apple into wedges?

Dad – San, where’s the apple slicer!?

He yelled to my mom in the living room.

Mom – It’s in the baking drawer under the silverware drawer.

My mom feels that nobody but her can find anything in the kitchen, so she gets up out of her lazy boy and limps into the kitchen (she has gout in her feet).

My dad finds the apple slicer and goes back to looking out the window and yelling at squirrels.  My mom sits down at the table and laughs at my dad.  He doesn’t only yell at the squirrels, he opens up the sliding door and shoo’s them away every two minutes.

Mom – Are you going to see Mount Fugiyama?

Me – I’m not sure.

Dad – Are you going to see Japanese people?

Me – Yeah, just a few.

Dad – You know you have to get a cavity search for flying oversea’s.

Me – What?  Nooooo……they don’t search everyone’s cavity.

My dad laughs.

Mom – Make sure the water is okay to drink.  If you stay at a hotel, ask the hotel.  The hotel we stayed at in Mexico had a filtration system so it was okay.

Me – I won’t be visiting Mexico anytime soon.

Mom – No, stay far away from any place that has a war.

South Korea is still at war with North Korea.  They never signed a peace treaty.  Not to mention the North sporadically bombs the South for shits and giggles.  So, for the sake of my parents, I can’t mention South Korea.

There’s a half eaten chocolate chip cookie on my desk.  I have no interest in eating it now, but I know that when I get home from work tonight, I’m going to gobble it down.

My crazy aunt just limped down the stairs to do laundry.  She doesn’t have gout, but she has something weird with her ankles.  She’s limps up and down the stairs ten times a day to wash one item at a time of Roberts.  She washes the bath mat a few times a day, I know that.

I should get dressed for work.



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5 responses to “Just a regular day

  1. Steph

    Ok so Japan….
    Did u say anyone was going with you? I need the back story in case she ever asks 🙂 this was my problem in high school when I got in trouble all the time haha

    • Kristina is going with me and we are staying with Sarah who teaches english in south korea. The only fib I’m telling is that I’ll be in Japan, not bomb laden south korea. I’ll be fine and everyone is happy as can be. 🙂

  2. Steph

    Ok got it! 🙂

  3. Holly

    I’m going to tell and get you both in trouble! 🙂 mwahahahhmwahaha

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