So sick

I am so sick,  I can barely move my eyelids.  I woke up at 6 am today with nausea.  My stomach had that full feeling you get after you eat too much and feel like throwing up.  I went to the bathroom and couldn’t stop going to the bathroom for two hours.  It was horrible, absolutely horrible.

My dad got this stomach bug first.  The first day he had it, he was in the bathroom barfing and having diarrhea every 5 minutes.  The upstairs bathroom is next to my OCD cousin’s room, Robert.  He had to listen to my dad constantly yacking up his lungs.  Robert and his mother decided it was best to stay at a hotel on the berlin turnpike, so Robert could have full access to running water without my dad hogging the bathroom.

I can’t move.  I can’t type.  I’m in badly need of a shower.  And maybe this isn’t a stomach bug, or the flu.  Maybe Robert and his mother are trying to poison me.  Either way, the only medicine available to me is time and ginger ale.



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4 responses to “So sick

  1. Steph

    You should tell them your sick every day and maybe they will move out! Feel better! Love you!

  2. Holly

    LOL – Steph I just told Mel that on the phone! hysterical!

  3. Imagine if Robert got this stomach bug. He has to wash his hands for 2 hours before and after he pee’s, and when he poops, he has to take a 17 hour shower. They used to be only 14 hours, but now they are 17. He wouldn’t leave the bathroom for days.

  4. Steph

    Omg!!!! That would be insane!! I wonder if he could even get sick being that he is always in the bathroom… When does he sleep and eat?

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