6:30 am

It’s New Years Eve.  I’m sitting at my desk in my bedroom with a Q-tip sticking out of my ear (I was cleaning my ears, but decided that blogging was more important).

I woke up an hour ago to my alarm going off.  I hit the snooze, and before I had a chance to rest my head back on my pillow, I hear the water running from the upstairs bathroom.  It was running last night before I went to bed at 11 pm, was it still running?

I get up and go to the bathroom to see if I had hot water for my shower.  Nope.  No hot water.  It’s a cold winter morning, I have to leave for work in an hour and a half, and there was no hot water for me.  So naturally, as I’m sure most people would, I got upset. 

The whole house was silent and dark when I yelled upstairs;

“I have no hot water for my shower!  Thanks a lot!  You guys are really nice.”

I’m not good at yelling even though I grew up surrounded by it.  When I yell, it sounds like I’m still being nice about everything.

My crazy aunt barked back, “Robert shut the water off a long time ago.”

My Dad – No he didn’t, he just shut it off seconds ago.

Me – She’s a freaking liar!  All she does is leech and lie!

That time, I wasn’t nice about it.  I lost it, but regained my senses again and said nothing more.  I always thought it best to let out one powerful, true statement, and let it permeate the air and sit by itself until its weight is felt.

She said some snide comments to my parents after that, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying.  A few minutes later I trudged up the stairs to make breakfast.

Me – Mary Magdalene is going to hear about this.

Speaking of Mary Magdalene (my pet spider), I saw her yesterday in my dusty basement.  She was scurrying across the floor and stopped when she came to my feet.  She graciously bowed her head in respect before scuttling off to fulfill her spiderly duties.

I put the pan on the stove, dropped in some oil and let it heat up before setting my eggs in to fry.  My Pop was standing next to me brewing some coffee.

My crazy aunt sat in the room next to the kitchen.  She was boiling mad and couldn’t keep quiet.

Crazy aunt – You’re the one who leeches!  You don’t pay for anything!  What do you pay for?!

She was screaming and clearly off her rocker.

Me – Oh I’m payin’.  I’m definitely paying.

Crazy aunt – She’s a leech! Not me.  I pay to be here.

There were so many comebacks sitting in the back of my throat.  It was too easy, way too easy.  I bit my tongue because I didn’t want my Pop to get upset, and I know he hates to see me upset – and if my crazy aunt said anything else horrible nasty about me, I don’t know what my dad would’ve done.

Dad – Don’t worry about it.

He tenderly touched my cheek.

Me – I’m fine, don’t worry.

My aunt was periodically yelling at me through-out the ten minutes I spent in the kitchen.  My Pop chimed in by saying that Roberts problem should’ve been addressed years ago.

Crazy aunt – You don’t know what it’s like to be him!

Pop – He can’t keep running the water for 10 hours every day.

Crazy aunt – He hasn’t showered in two weeks!  How would YOU feel if YOU haven’t showered in two weeks!?

My Pop was in the war, he was a sailer – a seabee.  I’m sure he knows what it feels like to be dirty. 

God bless him for not flipping out.  I don’t want to see him get that fed-up, but he’s smart and knows how to deal with people.

I had to go downstairs after my eggs were done and try not to hear her talk.  I’m sure what she was saying was blog worthy, but I couldn’t handle it.  Before I shut my bedroom door, I heard my mom say;

Mom – She’s upset because she has to go to work and there was no hot water for her shower.  That’s why she was upset.  You have to calm down.

My mom started crying. 


I’m back from work already, and guess what I hear as soon as I open the front door?  The water running.

I have to go to mohegan sun now.  I’m super exhausted, but it’s New Years eve, and I can’t stay here for obvious reasons.


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One response to “6:30 am

  1. Steph

    I’m sorry Mel 😦
    I hope u guys have fun! Win big!!! Happy New Year! I love you!

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