Ticket to South Korea

I’m freaking out.  I just bought my round-trip ticket to South Korea on priceline for $1208.  It was $200 less than what I expected to pay.

I’m really going through with this whole Korea thing.  I’ve never traveled outside the country, never been on a plane by myself, I never did anything by myself and here I am going to freakin’ Korea!

I’m terrified!

Why South Korea?  I have a friend that lives there, so I won’t exactly be by myself – but I’ll be by myself for the plane rides.  That’s what I’m mostly scared of – the plane.

I won’t have anyone holding my hand this time.

I’m bringing my laptop.  American Airlines has Wi-Fi, so I can blog for the whole 23 hours on my way there.  Blogging will bring me comfort, and I won’t feel alone if I’m connected to facebook.

I purchased insurance for the trip (an extra $29).  They give me medical coverage, full reimbursement of plane ticket if I can’t go, $500 coverage for lost luggage and 24 hour phone assistance if I’m scared and don’t know what the hell is happening.  I’d be crazy not to opt for insurance.

I’m going to try to sleep now.  I’m excited, but my trip isn’t until Feb. 18.



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4 responses to “Ticket to South Korea

  1. Steph

    OMG! You bought the ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! 🙂

  2. Yep it’s exciting. I’m excited.

  3. Holly

    YEAH MELANIE!!!! I am so glad that you are actually going! I’m leaving on the 18th too, so we will get to spend your birthday together 🙂 What kind of cake do you want?? or cupcakes?? Bring sleeping pill so you can fall asleep, you’ll definately want to sleep during your flight! I’m planning on doing that for Italy. I’m SOOO excited for you!!

    • You don’t have to make me a cake or anything, lets just go out to eat or something. I don’t even know what day my birthday is on. That’s so weird that you’re leaving on the 18th too! I was going to leave on the 19th, but the plane ticket cost $300 more. It’s a very strange coincedence because we’re both going to brilliant places. I’m excited for the both of us 🙂

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