Fun with feng shui

I’ve been practicing feng shui as some of you know.  So far I’ve only done my bedroom.  If you seen the eyesore which is my basement, you would understand why I’m keeping to my bedroom for now.  The downstairs of my house is like an indoor flea-market (stock full of flea’s and ants!) – It’s a chaotic wreckage of a room filled with two lifetimes worth of accumulated clutter.  Old appliances from QVC, the first cassette player ever made and a hundred or so 8-tracks, hundreds of records, dust EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, last night I was doing some work in the helpful people section of my baqua.  The book says that if you write down what you wish for in others and place it in a silver container, those wishes will be fulfilled.  I did this last night, and already it’s working.

I wrote down three wishes:

My aunt and Robert will move out (of course that’s my number one)

My clients will love their massages and leave me big tips

I’m always in the right place at the right time

I came into work today and looked at the monitor telling me my scheduled clients for the day – all of them requests!  That never happened before.  It’s hard for that to happen because I work 7 hours in a day.  I only have 4, but one is 2 hours, and one is 90 minutes.

I massaged my first client today (the guy who likes a light touch massage from attractive therapists – you can read that post here).  I massaged him for an hour and afterwards he asked me if it was okay if he got a two-hour next time.

Me – Of course it’s okay, I have a two-hour later today

He handed me $30 and left with a smile.

It’s crazy stuff!

Have you ever been to a chinese restaurant and noticed that most of them have aquariums located near the entrance?  It’s because of feng shui.  Or how they leave bowls of uncooked rice around, sometimes sticking pencils in there?  Feng shui.  Asians are devoted to it.  How can all those millions of people be wrong?  And why don’t more Americans practice it?

Subject change.

Limewire is no longer.  I logged into it this morning and read a message that stated they have a court order against them.

I never given much thought about downloading music for free.  Whether or not it should be illegal.  I figure both arguments have valid points, so it equals out.  And I’ll keep downloading until the scales tip the other way and the option is no longer available. 

Looks like I’m going to have to buy the soundtrack to Les Miserables the good-ol’ fashioned way on amazon, download it to my iTunes and then to my Ipod so I can play it on my little ipod speaker while getting ready for work.

A few years ago I bought this little speaker you can plug into your Ipod – the sound is incredible for such a little speaker.

My next client is a spunky young girl who loves 2 hour massages.  She’s fun to massage because she talks the whole time.

Lol, a worker just knocked over my latte that was half finished and now I get a new one for free!  Wish number three baby, oh yeah.



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3 responses to “Fun with feng shui

  1. Steph

    DUDE!! that is awesome!!! Last night I drew up my Baqua and just have to figure it out a little more today because I’m not sure I like what I came up with. I’m so excited you have no idea!! Friday baby! I need a few hours to devote to reading and moving my shit! 🙂

    • It’s fun moving shit around. It doesnt feel like a chore. I hope my aunt and Robert move out soon because that would really blow my mind. I had to take a cold shower yesterday, and I asked as politely as I could for him to stop draining all the hot water. He stopped and I waited 15 minutes, but it was still cold.

  2. Steph

    😦 I’m sorry you had to take a cold shower. that sux!
    Hopefully it will be soon they move out!!

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