My weird day

I have a severely depressed client who comes to see me once a month.  Today she was telling me how lonely she is and has nothing in her life that makes her happy.

I have a hard time listening to people and keeping my mouth shut.  I like to offer words of encouragement other than, “hang in there bucko,” or “things will get better.”  How would I know if things will get better?  And who the hell is bucko?

Client – I am just so unhappy.  I don’t know what to do.

Me – The Dalai Lama believes that happiness comes when you’re in the pursuit of obtainable goals.

I sounded like a self-help book.

Client – I think it’s so important to be around smart caring people.

Me – Socrates believed that kindness and knowledge go hand-in-hand.

As the hour wore on, I started running out of fortune cookie advice.

Me – Have you ever thought about getting a pet?

Me – Maybe you should try feng shui.

By the time the massage was over, I told her to move back to Poland, read Harry Potter and join

I walked to Starbucks in the wind and rain to log into my blog, but the power was out.  Lights were eerily flickering on and off.  There was no music and only the sound of rain beating against the glass.

I ran back to work and massaged my next client – my adorable cop.  Then massaged a woman who I never met before (she was also depressed).  We lost power at the end of the massage.  It was pitch black in the massage room and I had a faint image of my client turning into a zombie and attacking me.

I’m in a weird mood.  I can’t focus on anything.  I feel like I’ve been drugged.  I’m going to watch 4 episodes of Spartacus and go to bed.


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