Yo yo what up home skillet

My mom was yelling at crazy aunt about OCDC’s wild excentric compulsive habits like stomping his feet when washing his hands or turning up the tv as loud as it can go. 

She told my aunt that he’s not getting better and it’s been years and years since they moved in. 

When I told my aunt that Robert wasn’t getting better, she called me a fucking asshole and hasn’t said one word to me since.

I was packing my laptop in my bag, putting on my fabulous new coat and listening to them fight upstairs.

My aunt – “You better not cry cause Melanie’s going to tell Fran you’re having a heart attack and he’ll come over and yell at us (her and OCDC) again.”

She is utterly delusional.  I don’t tell my brother anything.  In fact, I avoid the whole subject when I talk to him because I get so worked up about it, and he has high blood pressure and get’s more worked up than me.  Getting worked up never solved anything.

I opened the front door of the house and walked out after she made that statement.  I didn’t even slam the door.

I thought about concocting a tulpa and sicking it after OCDC, but I’m too worried about karma, not to mention the whole ‘having a demon in the house’ issue.  I heard they’re a bitch to get rid of.

I’m sitting at a table at my lofty starbucks. 

The girl that I work with apologized for asking me if I was okay (see the ‘Are you Okay?’ post).  She read my blog.  She was worried because I didn’t show up for work two days in a row.  I thought that’s what the case was, but wasn’t sure. 

She’s really caring and genuine and I love her – really, it’s true!  I just blog too much, that’s my problem.

They’re playing a really slow, really pretty ‘Silent Night’ song.  It reminds me of Home Alone.

I’m thankful that my brother and Melissa had me over yesterday, otherwise I would’ve been eating turkey with my Final Fantasy characters, getting obliterated on wine and then posting something horribly regretful in my blog.

Soon enough I’ll have a huge house and a Great Gatsby thanksgiving.  I bought a powerball ticket today before work.  I’ve been working on some awesome feng shui in my bedroom, so I have a good feeling about winning tonight.  I’ll make it a big event.  I’ll be prepared with confetti, silly string and those party noise makers that have crap shoot out of them when you pull the string.

The first thing I’ll do is buy two plane tickets for my aunt and OCDC to go live with her son in Kentucky or Tennessee, wherever the hell he lives.  Either that or I’ll just buy myself a mansion never to return to my house of horrors.

It’s 4:41 pm.

My last client was a regular of mine.  An old woman whom I love dearly.  We talked about her visit to south korean in 1947 while she was a dancer entertaining war troops.  It was fascinating.  If only she had a blog back then…….

Its 4:42.

I hate when it comes down to the wire.  My next client gets here at exactly 5 pm, so I have to leave soon.  I only just got here.

Oh man I have to pee so bad.


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