Spartacus: Blood and Sand

My eyes are like saucers right now.

Never in my life have I ever seen a show like this. 

I’m a basic cable kinda gal.  The only HBO series I watched was Sex and the City, but it’s Barney compared to Spartacus.

Holy crap.  Is this what kids are watching these days?

My friend at work told me that because I like Xena, I would like Spartacus and that Lucy Lawless plays in it.  Well, in the first episode, Lucy let a slave girl finger her while her husband received a blow job.


I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.  Guys running around in their underwear bashing each others heads in.  I’m 10 minutes into the fourth episode and so far I seen Lucy explicitly having sex with a gladiator, a guys face being ripped off as gruesome as you can imagine, and two guys having sex.  All in the first 10 or 15 minutes.

Spartacus is a slave gladiator just like Russell Crowe was in the Gladiator.  He’s trying to be released so he can save his wife who’s been sold into slavery.  The only way out is to kill as many opponents as possible in the arena. 

The word ‘cock’ is in every sentence.

I have to leave for work soon.  Damn.  I can’t finish the show.  I stayed up so late last night watching the first three episodes.

‘Hercules’, the guy that wouldn’t get out of my car the other night, wants his hat back tonight.  I get out at 9 pm, famished from not eating anything for 9 hours, body aching from massaging 6 people, deep tissue no doubt – the only thing on my mind is food and sleep.  And this guy wants his hat back tonight.  Ugh.

I have to leave in 13 minutes.  I better get dressed.

(just saw penis!  I just saw penis! – this one amazing gladiator always shows his.)


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