I’m hungover at starbucks.  Somehow I managed to sleep through my cell phone alarm  and my alarm clock by my bed.  I kept hitting the snooze button while I was sleeping. 

I stopped at the gas station for my blue-collar coffee and smokes, and found myself finally waking up on the highway.

“Where the hell am I?” I look around wondering if I missed my exit and/or if I’m on the right highway.

My client that I just given a massage to just walked into Starbucks.  How awkward.  Do I say hi?  Huh, she walked out without buying a coffee or anything.  I must have given her a horrible massage.  I don’t get it.

I went to Rookies last night with Wonder Woman, Tank girl and Cruella Devil.  I didn’t want to go because I was still hung over from the night before.  I was laying in bed in the dark when my phone rings.  Holly and Tara were on their way to pick me up and didn’t give me an option to say no.

I drank a LOT.  Most of the night is a grey-out.  I think at one point I fell in love with a boy, he broke my heart, and then 3 minutes later I was completely fine and dancing again, swinging my sword around and yelling “Ayayayay” just like Xena.  I cringe when I think about it.

I’m in a super weird mood.  I’m trying hard not show my hungoverness to my clients and it’s making me sound like a weirdo.

Client – Today is my birthday.

Me – No way, you don’t look old enough to…..have a birthday….

My client flinched as I was massaging her and it scared me so much that I jumped and said “OOPS!”  very loudly. 

Just two more massages.  One of the girls at the front desk told me I smell bad, and she wouldn’t want to have to give massages if she was me today.

“You’re not helping the situation Dawn.”  She laughs.

Just two more clients.  piece of cake.


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