It’s 1:44 am, why aren’t I sleeping?!!

I’m so tired but I don’t want to sleep. 

That last two hour massage I gave today really did drip by like chinese water torture.  The guy was sick and blowing his nose every 10 minutes, hacking up lungs and wanting me to fetch him water.  Who gets a massage when they’re sick?  Not just a massage, but a TWO hour massage?  Come on now.  I was stuck in a tiny, poorly ventilated room with a sick guy and I had to RUB him?  My immune system will be pissed at me for weeks.  Massage therapists are people too!

That set me off in a mood.

When work was finally over, I hopped in my car and scooted out of the plaza.  It was gorgeous weather.  I seen a man walking on the sidewalk wearing perfectly fit blue jeans and a nice button-down shirt tucked into them.  He had an expensive looking camera that hung on straps around his neck.  He held it in his hands while looking at the clouds, the tree’s, flowers and the like.


I didn’t actually say it, but I thought it.  It was the very first thing that popped into my bite-size brain.

I come from a long line of name-caller’s.  Everyone in my family gets in a good chuckle when they have a new fun target.  No one is exempt from my brother’s imitations.  He would go so far as to imitate a blind one-legged midget (not to his face mind you) while my mom clasps her hands over her belly and laughs in merriment.

Anyway, I forgot my point.

I got home today at 5 pm and watched about 5 episodes, maybe 6 of Xena warrior princess.  I wanted to take a nap, but I couldn’t pry my eyes from the tv.  I gave up on taking a nap and started to count my cash tips instead.

Sometimes people leave me tips in envelopes, and I save these envelopes until I get so many that I start to worry that someone (eh aunt) would steal them. 

I gathered them up and plopped them on my bed.  I sat cross-legged and opened them up one by one while staying semi-conscious of Xena and her ass kicking.

I think I counted a little over $300 which is pretty good.  I’m planning on blowing it all tomorrow.  It’s my first real day off where I don’t have to do anything.  Well, I’m going out to dinner with friends at 6, but I have all day to bum around Connecticut and blow $300 before that.  I really need winter clothes, so I’m not exactly blowing it.

Why am I still up?  Okay, I’m going to make another attempt at sleep.  I’m sure sleep will come easier for you now that you’ve read this post.


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