Diabolical me

I got out of work an hour early last night and went to Home Depot to buy a new door knob for my bedroom.  I need a door that locks.  I share a house with a homicidal maniac (aka Robert).  I definitely need to lock my door at night.

A few weeks ago my brother came to the house and got in a fight with Robert.  Robert told my brother that he was going to kill him.  It wasn’t an empty threat, Robert is crazy enough to kill someone.  My house is an episode of  ‘Cops’ waiting to happen.

The place was silent when I came home last night.  Robert and his mother were being creepily quiet.  My aunt was most likely sitting in a chair doing absolutely nothing in a dark corner.  Robert in his bedroom just laying there staring up at the ceiling.  The TV off because Robert doesn’t like to listen to it, and nobody reads books in my house besides me.

I came home to an idle house full of idle minds.  It was especially eerie with no water running.

I started installing my new door knob and watching Xena warrior princess. 

This must be the calm before the storm.  The calm before all hell breaks out at my house.  I’m trying to be ready for it.  Sleeping with my metal bat next to me, and I have that lock now. 

You can never overreact too much when it comes to these situations that call for someone to overreact.  I’m living in a house with someone who wants to kill my brother – literally!  How can I NOT overreact?

I learned from Xena that you need to ‘act, not react’ when confronted in battle.

My plan is to terrorize my cousin until he leaves my house permanently and I’m expecting him to violently retaliate which in turn would lead to his expulsion.

I’m reading Sylvia Browne – I’m just a few pages into the book, but she says that we pick our paths in life before we are born.  This is my path – to terrorize my cousin.  I now know my purpose.  Thanks Sylvia!

It’s a beautiful fall day here at Starbucks as I hatch my dubious diabolical plans. 

My aunt had the audacity to tell my brother that I’m a bitch.

My brother – “Well you’re living in that bitch’s house!  This isn’t your house, this is her house!”

My brother hates Robert more than anyone and he strongly dislikes my aunt.  He’s the only person who ever sticks up for me.  He gives me my backbone.  My brother is my Xena and I don’t care how corny that sounds.  And yes I’m well aware of the corniness.

I haven’t spoken to my aunt since she screamed ‘SHE’S A FUCKING ASSHOLE!’ to me.

I don’t want her to apologize, I don’t want to look at her.  I just want her out of my house.  It’s down to the wire and she know’s it.

Ugh, I have to give 2 one hour massages then a two-hour massage to end my day.  That last two hours will slowly drip by second by second like chinese water torture.


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