Using my new set of balls

I was quietly making breakfast today when my mom came up behind me and asked me for a hug.

“You didn’t apologize yet.”

“I’m not sorry.  What do I need to apologize for?”

“For coming into my bedroom when I was sleeping and yelling at me for things I didn’t do.  I don’t deserve that.”

“Well you shouldn’t have called me at 1:30 in the morning.”

“You shouldn’t have left your sister after she had a stroke.”

“I had things to do up there (at the cottage in Rhode island).”

“You had nothing to do up there.  You left because you didn’t want to be here when Robert takes his 16 hour showers.”

Thats when my aunt chimed in.

My aunt – “What about that boy you had over at 3 in the morning.  Me and Robert heard him.”

“There was never any boy.  You’re telling lies to get mom on your side.”

My mom was telling everyone to calm down.  She runs out of things to say when she realizes how wrong she sounds.  Then she shuts up.

My aunt – “Oh my god, Sandra that is not to.  NOT TRUE!  I HEARD HIM.”

Instead of me telling her that it’s none of her business even if I did have a boy over, I said, “I swear on Nana’s grave.  I swear on my Grandmothers grave I didn’t have a boy over.”

Swearing on people’s graves in my house is a big deal.  You just don’t mess around with swearing on a grave if you’re lying.

I can’t remember what was said after that.  My dad was there listening to the whole thing.  My mom was listening, she knew I was right about everything.

One thing you need to know about me is that I don’t scream, I may cry profusely, but I never scream, never lose my temper or swear.  I don’t call anyone dirty names because I think it’s an unclassy low-blow that only makes me look like the jerk.  I keep things civilized and make decent logical arguments.  This tends to shut people up, or make them get violent.

My aunt was losing her temper.  I wish, I WISH I knew what she said next.  It was something about Robert.  I said, “He’s not getting any better.  All this time and he has not gotten better.”

Then my aunt really lost it.  She started screaming and calling me a fucking asshole.


My mother got upset at that.  She’s the only one that can call her daughter a fucking asshole, nobody else.

Dad actually spoke up and said, “That’s enough.”

I took my breakfast downstairs with me and immediately started typing about it.  I just stuck up for myself.  I just made a statement!

My mom started it.  Our relationship is about my mom yelling at me for something, then kissing my ass like it never happened.  She eventually comes around and know’s she’s been bad.  But she never says she’s sorry about anything.  This time I wasn’t letting her off so easy.

My dad just popped his head in my room with a goofy smile on his face.

“I stuck up for myself dad.”

“Good for you.  You should always stick up for yourself.”



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6 responses to “Using my new set of balls

  1. Steph

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is great!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    I love you Mel!

  2. Suzanne

    You are truely – and I mean truely an inspiration to me – wow maybe I will finally one day be able to do that with my dad… I’m getting better – I told off my boss and his wife yesterday… 🙂 and it only took me 42 years to finally quite holding it in… ack!

    • Good for you! Thats the spirit. Its about self-worth. If you feel worthless, people with treat you that way, and if you don’t feel confident, people will walk all over you. I’m so happy I can inspire someone!

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