Home from work

I just got home from work to find out my parents left again for Rhode Island.  My mom left her sister who just had a stroke five days ago.  Who does that?  I’m supposedly the bad guy, but even I wouldn’t do that.

I watched Free Willy when I was there at the cottage and cried through the whole movie.  How terrible of a person can I be if I cry during Free Willy?  After that movie I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince while eating Chef Boyardee ravioli.  I’m a big kid.  A big sensitive little girl.

I fell asleep watching Hancock.  I always watch Hancock when I’m there.

I have strange dreams when I’m there.  This morning I woke up to a dream where I was back in kindergarten and had to live my life all over again to fix my mistakes.  Then I almost fell off the bed (I was not drunk).

I have 14 new voicemails I’m scared to listen to.  14 of them sitting in my phone to fester.  I’ll listen to them eventually.  I wish I can play them to my blog so you guys can tell me how bad they are.  Most of them are from my mom telling me how horrible I am.  I really don’t want to listen to how horrible I am.

All my clients loved me tonight.  Uma Thurman requested me again, and I massaged a woman with Chrones disease who wanted me to rub her stomach – she said she’s going to request me for next time.

I’m watching the first episode of Xena warrior princess on netflix.  I’m not really paying attention to it.  It’s not as good as I remember it being when I was 15, but I’ll still watch the next episode.  Why not.  It cheers me up.

I’ll be back to my normal self in no time.  For now just bear with me as I go through this rough patch.  It won’t last, they never do. 

As I learned from the movie My Best Friends Wedding; This too shall pass.

I have to go back in my blog and delete all my references to my job.  I was told by a co-worker today that they fire people for writing about their jobs even if there’s nothing negative written.



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4 responses to “Home from work

  1. Steph

    I’m sorry Mel 😦
    I wish I lived in CT! we could hang out!

  2. Holly

    I’ll listen to the messages for you or just delete the message as soon as you hear your moms voice…. just remember you will be going away on vaca (for the weekend) in a few weeks! You’ll have a blast and will relieve some of this stress from your family. And just so you know, your not a horrible person.

    • Thanks Holly. I’m thinking about turning off the hot water right now. OCDC has been running the water since I left for work and now that I’m home from work, he’s still running it.

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