My September eleventh 2010

I love love LOVE my job when I like my clients.  And lately I’ve been loving all who enter my little walled-in oasis. 

I’m learning how to be a remarkable listener – using all my senses to listen, not just with my ears.  I also figured out that the majority of massage has to do with energy.  The quality of my touch is completely dependant on my energy.  What I do with my hands is ancillary (a word I learned from my bathroom book, it means secondary.  Why don’t I just say secondary?  Because I’m pompous).

I massaged a woman with lymphatic cancer today.  She wanted most of the time spent on her neck – this is where they removed 20 lymph nodes and left a hefty scar.  After the surgery it hurt her just to wear a necklace.

I visualized my hands being warm and comforting with energy emitting from them.  Just the warmth alone feels good.  I gently massaged her neck for 25 minutes and by the end of the massage she was all smiles and thanked me like I saved her from something.  Nothing feels better than that.  What can possibly feel better than that?

I massaged an old woman today who told me the massage was amazing and wonderful.  She’s coming back next week for a 90 minute session.  This is all because I’m tapping into my new found energy.  It’s awesome.

I’m at Starbucks waiting for Bradd.  We’re supposed to be going out to eat and then going to see his play. 

Cool, he just got here.

“So this is where the magic happens?”  He’s referring to my blog.

“Yes.  Yes it is.  This is my table.”


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