Back from Minnesota

I just got back from Minnesota.  Holly and I went up there to crash Stephanie’s thirtieth birthday party.  She had no clue we were coming.   It was excellent.  And now its over.

 Now I’m back in my humbly depressing shit hole.  My house is literally sinking into a massive shit-hole from an over-flowing septic tank that’s as old as the dirt it’s buried in. 

I’m listening to my mother argue with her sister over OCDC.

They are screaming back and forth while OCDC runs the water in the bathroom sink as if it’s a normal night home with his loving family.  Just another 2 hour hand wash.  Just sloughing off a few more layers of skin leaving them red and chapped, but super clean!

I went on facebook and finally worked up enough nerve to send my cousin a message.  He’s the one that feeds us promises of adopting his mom and OCDC to go live with him.

I wrote him;

When is OCDC going to live with you?  There is constant screaming at my house and my dad does not deserve this for his retirement.

I’m scared to read his reply.  I shouldn’t be.  It’s silly that I’m nervous.  What I wrote wasn’t rude, was it? 

He just sent me his reply.   

Here’s his response.  I replaced his real name with OCDC.

I’m sorry your cousin is not welcome….LOL.
First of all, I wanted both my mother and OCDC to come live here in Knoxville; OCDC said no.
Secondly, my mother does give your Dad money. So its not like she’s a free loader.
Thirdly, you’re all adults, are you not….. so why the screaming?
And lastly, as soon as my mother pays the rest of her debts, she told me she’s leaving.
OCDC’s OCD is something you nor I will probably never fully understand, but I can assure you, it’s definitely something you would never want, yourself.
And I wrote back;
Ok that’s good. Nobody told me what the plan was. Our septic tank is over-flowing and it smells horribly over here.   I just want everyone to get along. Listening to them yell at each other makes me want to jam a fork in my eye. OCDC yelled the other day saying he can’t wait to get out of this house. But I don’t yell back, I just try to ignore everything.
So my aunt is going to leave after she pays her debt?  How can she pay it when neither of them have a job?  Should I try to make them as unwelcome here as I possibly can, or just keep on ignoring everything?  And If OCDC and enabling aunt ever do go live with my cousin, I know it will end badly.  My cousin’s wife will have a very hard time with it.
I want to go back to Minnesota.


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8 responses to “Back from Minnesota

  1. Steph

    I want you back here too!!! it took all of my strength to throw away your coffee cup. I thought if i left it so i can see it, you’d come back.
    I’m super depressed too. when will I see you again!!??
    Thank you so much again for coming! you don’t even know how happy i was!!!! love you!

    • Awww Steph, I’m a little bummed today too. I remember accidently leaving my coffee cup on the table, but I was too lazy to go back in the house to throw it away. But I’m sure there are plenty of skin flakes that I left on your couch, and I think Holly sneezed once, so there might be some of her germs there too. I’ll be back to see you soon. I’m going to be making a small fortune with my ebook idea so I can quit my job and bum around the world all I want and Minnesota will be my first stop.

  2. Steph

    LOL that is really funny! you crack me up. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the pics!
    I hope you guys come back soon. I still can’t believe you were here! that is the most awesome gift i’ve ever got!

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