Work, sleep, jog

I’ve been spending loads of money lately.  Last month I paid $1400 to pay off a credit card, then spent $500 in Vegas, $500 to fix my car, and I’ve been going out to eat practically five nights a week.  Tomorrow is payday and $300 of it I owe to my friend.

I come in to work today thinking about money and my boss asks me desperately if I can pick up Tuesday nights until they hire someone new.

Did I tell you everything works out for me?  That’s at least an extra $100 every week.

I want to get back into the routine of work, sleep, jog.  Everyday – work, sleep, jog.  When I get into my routine, I hibernate.  I stop going out, I clean my house, get to bed early and wake up feeling good.  I just don’t have time for anything else.

I need a good month to hibernate.  I’m tired.  The month of September looks like my month to stay in.


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