What I did yesterday

My future self came back to see me today for a whole 90 minutes.  I enjoyed my massage again and even called it beautiful.

My future self, “I feel like I’ve been transported into a whole different world.  Thank you so much.”

I was thinking about the Will Smith movie Hancock while massaging her.  I changed around the story-line, replaced Will Smith with myself and gave myself some big angel wings.  It was a cool fantasy to occupy my otherwise empty head.

I’m sharing a table with a complete stranger.  He was sitting here first, and a comfy big chair just became available, but I’m not moving.  Is it wrong for me not to move?  Why doesn’t he move?  He’s blocking the outlet so I can’t plug in my laptop.  The screen is dark.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had the choice to either go see Stone Temple Pilots at Mohegan Sun, or Cirque Du Solei Jungle at Foxwoods.  Both were free because I’m a spoiled bastard.  I picked the Cirque show and taken Brie, Paul and Sarah.  I lost $10 at a slot machine in about 45 seconds because I thought for sure I was going to win big.

During the day yesterday I went to have my oil changed because my last one was ten thousand miles ago.  I ambled on over next door to the VIP store after I dropped my car off.  I never been in one before and was curious.  It’s a huge store.  It’s like a walmart of vibrators.  Seriously, I never knew there were so many styles.  Some even had anal pleasuring beads attached.

I came across a huge, I don’t know wtf it was.  Dildo? Vibrator?  I don’t think it vibrated.  But it was a 10 inch long, very wide – heavy falic looking device made out of some kind of durable space-age plastic.

“What the hell do you do with this?  How can this not hurt?”

I walked back to the Mad Hatter (where I got my oil change), picked up my car, and they gave me a voucher for a free car wash.  Then I met an old friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in 7 years and got wasted on sake.  It was a good day, long but good.  Some of it was even educational. 

I didn’t have very long to write today.  My break was only about 40 minutes.



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4 responses to “What I did yesterday

  1. Steph

    you are a spoiled bastard 🙂 I wish i lived out there!!!
    I LOVE STP! how was the Cirque show

    • The Cirque show was good. Not as good as Zumanity, but that’s going to be a hard one to top. I got to see Debbie Gibson. She sang Only in My Dreams while a bunch of people dressed in jungle clothes danced to it. It was cool. I love being a spoiled brat. It’s fun.

  2. Holly

    Did you buy the 10 incher??

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