My cute cop client

It’s 12:09 am and I have to wake up at 6:30, but I just really need to post this.

A client of mine that requests to see me every three weeks (for the past 7 or 8 months) just became a cop.  I watched him bloom into a cop.  I feel like I’m his parent watching him blossom into a man.  He is one or two years younger than me, but looks like a teenager.

When he started seeing me, he had just enrolled into the police academy.  Every time we would meet he would tell me the full scoop of what police training was like.

He graduated, had a bit of on-the-job training and just recently became a full-fledged taser toting, gun slinging, billy club clubbing badge wearer.

He is a young, sweet-looking guy with a heart of gold and today he told me a story I can picture him in. 

He mostly works nights, 10 pm – 3 am.  Shifts where he patrol’s for drunk drivers or what-have-you.  He pulled this one guy over who seemed a bit wasted.

My sweet little cop – “Where you going?”

Maniac – “I’m bringing this girl back to her house.”

Sweet cop – “Where does she live?”

Maniac – “Umm, well, I don’t really know her.  I just met her.”

The girl was splayed out – completely unresponsive in the passenger’s seat.  Sweet cop yanks maniac from his car.  Now you have to understand that this cop has a temper only when it comes to sick and twisted people doing bad things to good people – that’s why I adore my little cop client.  He’s so good.  His voice was still emotional – still shaking while telling me this story. 

My sweet cop finds the girls license tucked away in the maniac’s wallet.  The maniac did not have a good reason why he had her license stashed in his wallet.  Her license indicated she lived in the opposite direction from where he was driving.  Maniac was going to his house. 

Paramedics arrived and after several minutes revived the girl into semi-consciousness.  She only had two drinks that night and had no clue where she was or where she was going.  Maniac had drugged her. 

There are no charges against the maniac until the lab tests come back.  In the meantime he’s attending college at Boston university.

Okay, bedtime for me.  Sweet dreams.



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3 responses to “My cute cop client

  1. Sarah

    Mel, this is a lovely story. It’s nice to hear there are good cops doing good things. Maniac is a real asshole, and it’s disheartening to think about what would have happened to that girl. It’s definitely still a man’s world, but I’m glad there’s some good ones around.

  2. Steph

    That is scary!!!!!!!!! I’m glad your sweet cop is out there grabbing creeps like this guy!

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