Fifth week running

This is my fifth week running.  I’m supposed to be able to jog for 8 minutes, walk for 2 and repeat three times.  I can only jog for 3 and a half and walk three and a half, repeated 4 times.  

I went out today in 90 degree heat and could barely get through it.  My sneakers are really falling apart now.  I lost both my soles.  

This was before the sole fell off the sneaker on the left

The rubber is coming off the bottom of both sneakers

 I went running in the rain yesterday and water-logged them.  

The boys and girls of Kenya give me inspiration.  Imagine how hot it is there for them!  And they run everywhere with or without proper foot attire.  I bet they scoff at treadmills and us dumb Americans who spend hundreds of dollars on sneakers that could feed their village for a week.  Are people of Kenya poor?  I don’t know, but they sure as hell can run.  It’s more inspiring for me to imagine them broke and barefoot in the hot sun trying to run to the next little island of shade to stop the sand from scorching their already blistered feet. 

Two of them don't wear sneakers! I knew it!

Forest Gump inspires me as well.  He ran coast to coast on one pair of Nikes.  And whenever I’m really tired when running, I picture braces on my legs dramatically breaking apart causing me to run quicker, and swiftly.  

In a completely unrelated topic, I wear granny panties and they are almost as big as my running shorts.  

Life is like a pair of running shoes, you never know where they will take you.



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3 responses to “Fifth week running

  1. Steph

    LOL I did not see the granny panties coming! haha
    I’m on week 6 but being that i’m sick i have only done the 9 minutes once. I was so proud of myself and then boom. sickness. Now I bet i have to start over at 5 minutes. 😦

  2. navybound

    5 minutes is still more than I can do. It’s just so damn hot out, and I still smoke, its hard to follow the program. I’m going to go to the mall today and buy new sneakers.

  3. Steph

    sweet! let me know what kind you get. i need some new ones too. i’m just too cheap. i’ll probably wait until the soles on mine bust out like yours did.

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