Running for Beginners

Before I started running, I thought of runners as self-driven, ambitious people.  People who are determined and motivated.  Basically, a different species than me. 

And I just didn’t see the fun in running.

I started running for real last week.  I didn’t have a plan before that.  I would run maybe two times a week and walk/run around the track without keeping score of my improvement.  The fun in running is seeing improvement. 

I was sloppy before and my sloppiness brought down my energy level to the point where I had none to spare.  An important tip when you’re a beginner is to streamline yourself.  To have a written plan.

I made a calendar that tracks my progress for 8 weeks.

There is a run plan at the start of every week that is slightly harder than the week before.  I’m on week two.  Walk 5, jog 2. 

I check off the days that I run with a green marker.  Having to check off a calendar day gives me just the amount of push I need to get my lazy bones outside.

Another thing that helps me is using a stop watch. 

Some people are better at running to a benchmark, a visual landmark to track the distance they run.  Next time they go run, they try for a landmark a little bit further down the road.

For me, since I have very little lung capacity (I smoke), seeing that benchmark in the far off distance discourages me.  For some reason, knowing the exact minutes that I need to run helps me tremendously.  It’s less to think about.  Streamlining your thoughts while running also helps.



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3 responses to “Running for Beginners

  1. Steph

    Good for you!!! Remember i got that plan from you a while back and i’m on week 6. i’m up to walking 2 jogging for 8! Me! of all people!
    i quit smoking and everything because i’m so motivated to do this. i’m registered to run a 5k in september! ME! of all people! LOL

  2. navybound

    OMG I’m so happy for you!!! Wow! I only just started it. I procrastinate. I’m so proud of you! Holly said she’s going to start running today. By Vegas we’ll all be ready for that long 4 mile treck down the strip and strutting our stuff.

  3. Steph

    Thanks Mel!!!!! 🙂
    Yes we will for sure be strutting our stuff on the strip! 4 miles will be nothing to us! 🙂

    you can do this! it is truly addicting!!!

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