I massaged a guy a few days ago that talked very fast and non-stop during the entire massage.  Bradd is a lawyer and an actor.  He told me personal stuff, like how he has pec implants, and I told him I write a blog. 

When people share personal stuff, it makes me want to share personal stuff.  It’s like a reflex.

Him – “Ohhh, can you write about me?”

Me – “Of course I can.”

Him – “Can you make my name be Bradd?  Bradd with two D’s?”

Me – “Well, I’m thinking of putting this whole conversation in the blog.  People will know you as Bradd with two D’s, but know it’s an alias.”

Him – “That’s okay.  I wish I only had one name to go by.  Like Cher or Madonna.”

The conversation went on and on like that.  He changed subjects a lot.

I told him he had soft hands, so thru out the rest of the massage he kept referring to himself as Bradd with two D’s with the soft hands who played naked gay Jesus. 

He was in a play about the 12 apostles all being gay guys, and I think he said that Jesus was naked during it, but I’m not positive.  He talked so fast and was face down most of the time, it was hard to understand him.  The play was very controversial.  He needed a police escort to guard the play house to stop the protesters from rioting.  I didn’t know acting was so dangerous.

He was the most entertaining client yet.



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2 responses to ““Bradd”

  1. Bradd

    Technically, I directed a play in which I crucified a naked, gay Jesus at the end (nobody would want to see me naked on a cross or anywhere else for that matter…although I was a personal trainer at the time…did I ever tell you about that? I actually posed with my shirt off on a cross for the show’s logo. That was before I got the pec implants)…..In any event, VERY entertaining blog in general. You really are a gifted writer, as well as being a gifted massage therapist….See you at Massage Envy!

    • navybound

      Yay! I’m so glad you’re reading my blog! You’re the bestest client ever and I’m going to go see one of your plays. I can’t wait.

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