A funny thing about socks

My Mom used to love buying us all uni sex tube socks when she saw them on sale.  They were the cheapest socks imaginable and would stretch out and get holes in them in their first week.  And since the socks all looked the same, my brother and my dad would end up wearing my socks that I tried so hard to keep like new.

I found a black sharpie and drew a big ‘M’ on the bottoms of all my socks so nobody would dare wear them by mistake.  I became somewhat possessive of my cheap-ass socks.

I was about 14 or 15 during my tube sock year.  I slept over my friend Stephanie’s house a lot.  I was sitting on her living room floor watching tv when her dad came downstairs and sat in his recliner.  He pushed down the lever on the side of his chair and up came his feet cloaked in my precious tube socks with the ‘M’ on the bottom.

I was so embarrassed and mortified.  I looked at the socks, and then at him.  He was preoccupied with a newspaper or something.  How could he not see the big ‘M’ on the bottom?

Stephanie text me yesterday reminding me about this story.  Thanks Steph!



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2 responses to “A funny thing about socks

  1. Steph

    OMG I am literally crying right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still remember that like it was yesterday! I’m lauging so hard I can’t stop!
    I couldn’t wait until after lunch to read it. I had to read it now.

    • navybound

      I’m starting to remember all the other funny stories I can write about. There’s shit loads of them. Plus I wrote lots of them down in my journal. If you remember more stories, let me know.

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