I’m going to quit smoking today

I’m doing it cold turkey.  It’s gross, and doesn’t fit well with my new life as a runner.



I’m going to really do this. 

No more.

No way. 

I’ll let you know if I slip up and buy a pack.

You know the phrase “cold turkey” came from addicts suffering from heroine withdrawal?  The blood pulls away from the skin leaving dimpled goose-flesh like a freshly plucked turkey.  I wonder if that would happen to me if I don’t get my 5 cigarettes a day.  Maybe I should have a cigarette just in case?  No.  No, what am I thinking?



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4 responses to “I’m going to quit smoking today

  1. Some Girl

    Congrats! You can do it! Good luck! 😀

  2. Steph

    You can do it! You only have 5 a day so that shouldn’t be too hard for you 🙂
    I promise when we go to Vegas I will try not to be a bad influence! I haven’t smoked in forever!

  3. navybound

    Ugh, I bought a pack yesterday but I only smoked 3. 3 a day can’t kill me. Knock on wood.

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