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I haven’t written in my journal since I started this web log.  Comparatively, writing a blog is more rewarding and there’s a better chance for me to enhance my writer’s eye.

Journal writing is messy.  You have one shot at making it right, whereas typing on the computer, you can sculpt your work.  Trim a little off the beginning, add to the middle, cut out paragraph’s that don’t belong.  And you don’t have to worry about sloppy handwriting or spelling.

When I write with permanent ink, I can’t go back to fix things.  If I can’t improve what I had written, other entries will follow suit and stay at that level.  It’s stagnant rather than fluid. 

Improvement can always be made.  That goes for anything, not just writing.  If people got it right the first time, what fun would that be? 

When you’re not satisfied with something, it causes conflict.  Conflict brings about growth and growth leads to well-being.  When you prune your work, it becomes an art form.  Art can be a valuable tool towards happiness.  When you’re writing for others, you become more descriptive, more accurate.  I’m not only improving my writing, but I’m improving as a person.  I’m improving my perception.

So when is the time to be satisfied with what you done?  When your efforts match your abilities?  When the finished product meets with what’s envisioned?

With all that said, there is still something romantic about the physical act of writing.  A candle lit room late at night when the world is asleep.  Your eardrums are numb with silence.  The only sound is a writing utensil scratching away at a blank canvas.  Your journal becomes your paper brain with inky thoughts.  You pump blood into the spine and soul into its bindings.  Your blood, your soul.

Now if I can only get it right the first time……….

A journal is tangible and meaningful – engulfed in its own stable energy.  Upholding it’s truth and justice in an honest, forgiving way.  A blog is ominous and allusive, everywhere yet nowhere.  It’s out there – up there in the heavens surrounded by its own angelic electric currency.  A blog is like the God of journal writing.  Not as forgiving as your little cover-bound, musty, old-fashioned friend.


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