Happy Tuesday

I wish they made a camera phone that took better pictures.  3 megapixels is not enough.

As soon as I walk into the bar on Happy Tuesday, I’m greeted with a song;

                                        Hurray for Melanie

                                                    Hurray at last

                                         Hurray for Melanie

                                        She’s got a nice ass…………boobs too

They sang that song to some 40 something woman across the bar, who ended up flashing them her tits.  The bartender gave her beads to wear around her neck.  They’ve been thrown out of two bars because of that song.  They have a song for guys too;

                                          Hurray for (insert name here)

                                                 Hurray at last

                                           Hurray for (insert name)

                                           He’s a horse’s ass……peice of shit too

Dave introduced me to happy Tuesday.  We hang out with people much older than us who buy pitchers of beer all night.  They sing songs, drinking and being merry.  They only speak in song.  Don’t try to have a deep conversation with them because it’s not going to happen.  Soon you’ll have an arm thrown around your shoulder and another guy filling up the pint glass that’s in your hand.  They will be singing while doing this of course.

I love these people.  They adopted me into their little family.  The older men don’t hit on me as often, and I get invited to family picnics at their houses.

They are all really supportive of me joining the military.  I have them rooting for me.


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