Bejeweled Blitz (my new addiction)

I started playing Bejeweled Blitz on Monday for the first time ever.  Now it’s Thursday and I already logged in a ton of games.  I don’t understand the whole scoring system, so I’m going to write it out in plain English in a way I can remember.

I’ll start with the simple rules and then add in whatever tips I think of.

Swap adjacent gems to create sets of 3 gems of the same color lined up horizontally or vertically. Three same-colored gems in a row will create a match.

4 gems = flame gem  Flame gems explode and can trigger other near by flame gems to ignite.  They can also ignite multipliers, which will multiply the points exploding.

5 gems in an “L” or “T” = star gem Match the Star Gem and it creates a lightening bolt taking out the rows up and across from the gem.

5 gems = hypercube  Swap it with an adjacent gem to get rid of all the gems of that color.  Swap two hypercubes side by side something awesome will happen ( I don’t know what yet).

Multiplier gem – Created by triggering large cascades or using power gems to destroy a lot of gems (12) at one time. Matching the Multiplier Gem will multiply all points you get from then until the end of the game. 

Speed bonus – Make matches quickly for extra points.

Blazing Speed – Keep your speed bonus up and you will start to fill your speed bonus meter, the text displayed for your speed bonus will change color from white to orange. Once your meter is full you will be in Blazing Speed! where each match you make will have the same effect as detonating a Flame Gem until Blazing Speed subsides. 

                                                           My Tips

1.  Try to make matches at the bottom of the screen.  You’ll have a better chance of setting off cascades.

2.  I have experience with all the special gems and blazing speed.  They don’t amount to a whole lot of points when they’re set off.  What brings in the big score are the multipliers.

3.  The trick is to get a power gem early in the game (it’s really not that hard).  Try to explode it as quickly as possible so you can get your first multiplier.

4.  When you get a hypercube and swap it for a cube next to it, make sure that color cube has a multiplier somewhere on the board.  If not, than choose a color that is abundant on the board.

5.  If there are a lot of cubes of the same color on the board, avoid making matches of 3 in that color.  When you save up those colors and make a few matches at the bottom, this can lead to some nice cascading along with exploding gems, multipliers and hypercubes while you sit back and relax.

6.  Do a quick scan at the beginning of the game and pick the color to avoid matching three pair.  By all means make a fire cube if you can (but not 3).  However if the board is looking glum, you got to do what you got to do and you gotta do it FAST.

7.  You want to detonate your first fire cube ASAP, so you may want to purchase a detonator before the game begins.  You can use it once per game for three games.  A detonator is placed at the bottom of the left hand side of the board.  It can be moved around like a gem.

8.  Be quick and use your peripherals.

9.  Avoid playing before bedtime cause I think it’s causing me insomnia.

10I just started playing this game, so I don’t know how great these tips are.

11.  When I get rid of a bunch of the same color cubes, it seems to me that bejeweled tries to replenish those colors by pouring them in all at once.  Lots of cascading and hypercubes happen along with the multipliers.  This is when the big points start racking up.  But i’m just speculating here.  I could be wrong.

12.  Try to make vertical combo’s.   There’s more of a chance for cascades.

13.  Forget everything I say and just play.  Don’t think too much about it.

14.  Don’t save your special gems for when the multiplier is high.  The more special gems you detonate, the more you can make and the higher your score.


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