I’m about to embark on a very complicated journey of discipline.  Thus far my life has revolved around fun.  Fun, fun and more fun every single day consisting of devouring cocktails, beer, good conversation, badly singing my heart out to karaoke and dancing until I fall on my ass.  Yes indeed.  Lots of fun.

Now here I am trying to straighten up.  It’s hard to straighten up while being completely spoiled.  I posted on Facebook that I wanted a Nintendo Wii for my 30th birthday and it would be a big help if everyone can send me a dollar toward my Wii fund.  I ended up with $25 from them and my parents pulled through making up the difference. 

My parents never want me to leave their house.  They keep me around living here rent free, eating authentic italian cuisine while my Dad takes out the trash and builds me warm fires in the winter.  I can’t help but to feel guilty all the time.

Now that you know my predicament, please allow me to elucidate my upcoming ordeal;  I was originally going to work 3 days a week while working on my bod to prepare for boot camp.  Working only 3 days a week allowed me my allotted time to go out drinking and have my life altering fun experiences every week.

Life will not be like that anymore.  Instead of my glorified 3 day a week job, ME upped the ante to 5.  Not only do I work 5 days a week, but the hours are from 2 pm to 9 pm – my whole day!  Basically what this means is that my fun will have to be compacted all into Saturday night.  All other days will consist of work and working out.  I have to start waking up early to either run or do my p90x. 

For anyone who knows me, they would think this an impossible act. 

I still need to put together my chin-up bar.  I could have done it earlier but I needed to eat dinner and play on facebook.

I need to go to bed.  I still want to write about my trip to myrtle beach but it looks like it has to wait.


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