goals timeline

I need this timeline, it’s very important.

Today is Feb. 8, 2010.  I need to be done with boot camp by august 15.  August 15th is my friends 30th birthday and we’re all headed to Vegas for a week.

So that leaves 188 days until I’ve survived boot camp.  Vegas would be my reward.

Boot camp is 9 weeks. 63 days.  188 – 63 = 125.  I have 125 days to prepare. 63 days before the Vegas trip lands on June 13.  June 13 is the absolute latest I can leave for boot camp.  Leaving June 1st would be ideal.

I ordered  a 90 day workout video that is guaranteed to pump me up, plus I’m flying thru the ASVAB workbook.  

I should get my workout program in 7-10 days.  After the 90 day workout period, I’m going to go to a Navy recruiter. By day 115, I would like to have seen the recruiter.  Day 115 lands on June 3rd.  Maybe I should make it day 100, day 100 lands on May 20.  That gives me more time.

Okay, now it’s getting real.  Timelines put goals into reality.  I mean, this is really feasible to achieve. 

There are two things I’m worried about:  Number one, telling my family I’ve joined the Navy;  that will be harder than boot camp itself.  Number two, my hair after boot camp.  Its going to look like shit and I’m supposed to go to Vegas.  Number two is more difficult for me to deal with than telling my parents I’ve joined and going thru boot camp combined.


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